Monday, 11 January 2016

How can I get the best out of a question?

Asking questions has been a large focus for me in the development of Action Stations. The types of questions we ask and when we ask them is vital to help grow the thinking and learning for different students in different stages of their learning journey. This video is a great technique that would empower conversations, thinking and student ownership.

Children are working in small groups to develop a brainstorm of questions on a given topic
Step 1
ask as many questions as you can.
don't take time to judge r answer questions as you go.
change statements into questions
write down every question as it stated

Step 2
Introduce the focus question

Step 3
Produce questions

Step 4
Improve questions

Step 5
Prioritise questions

Step 6
Discuss next steps
Make a plan of action

Step 7
Reflect on the question
How do these questions show you have learned something about the focus.

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