Saturday, 14 November 2015

How do we construct complete sentences?

Although we write sentences daily,  do we truly understand what we are teaching?

If we know the language of grammar, writing sentences will be really easy. 

Because writing records our language, writing a sentence is easy.


This clip demonstrates clearly the difference between simple, compound and complex sentences. 
Important notes  
- compound is very different from complex - compound is joining 2 complete ideas or independent clauses
- subordinators, and relative pronouns are used for creating a complex sentence. Do you know what these are?

Very simple way to understand how to construct a simple sentence and the different types we can build. I really like how it teaches the language of grammar. I believe this is really important from a very early age even Year 1. This helps understanding how to build complete sentences with comprehension of what they are trying to achieve, ie; they know what success looks like. 

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See it in action.....

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Lesley said...

Agree! Agree! Agree! I hope all teachers look at this latest post of yours, especially those who are writing reports. I suspect some of our young teachers went through the 'whole language' approach to teaching literacy, and were never required to come to grips with syntax and grammar.