Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Where do I start with BYOD?

BYOD is the latest hot topic schools are testing the waters of. The questions and possibilities both negative and positive are endless as we venture into new territory. I have heard of horror stories but also many success stories.

All teachers should now be prepared with their own toolkit of strategies to deal with and cope with issues as they arrive. It is important we allow for these teaching moments in a safe environment rather than behind closed doors. It is our responsibility to support learners within a digital environment.
How do we keep kids safe?
How do we hook students into our server? Do we have to? How do we inform parents?
How do we keep our kids safe?
How do we fix all the tech problems as they arise?
How will we manage students all using different devices and applications to do different jobs all at the same time?
reducing cost to the school
personlised learning
self management skills developed and expected

There are so many sites to help us on our journey with plenty of advice from those who are already doing it.

Check these out

Principals advice
VLN discussion online
brilliant resources on policies and information booklets to get you started
Interface Magazine article - Seeing the benefits of BYOD

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