Sunday, 21 October 2012

How do I co-construct next steps with teachers?

Reflecting on ways to ensure I engage all teachers in providing elearning pedagogies in their classrooms, these are a few ideas I have discovered and recommended.
This framework is essential to reflect on and develop next steps. It provides clear steps so all senior management, e leaders and staff are on the same page. It needs to be transparent for all people invovled. A bit like sharing success criteria in your classroom.

Asking the hard questions.
A great guide of the questions to open discussions and ignite thought processes to create openings for change.

Am I introducing new ideas with support?
What e learning skills are you using in your classroom? Does your jargon scare people off?

How are you using ICT to enhance learning?
Are you providing choice?
Are you co-constructing next steps?
Is what you are providing at their level and relevant to them?

What does PD look like?
Recognise the continuum
Feedback - What did you get out of the pd?

Just a few questions to get us thinking.

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