Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What ingredients make a great team?


Did you know there are 4 quadrants to our brain. We all use the four quadrants but have preferences and strengths that control the way we learn, interpret, process information, and interact with others.
Below are the quadrant descriptions that comprise any thinking style (based on the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) and Whole Brain Thinking Model):
  1. Analyze: This quadrant of your brain is looking for facts, logic, statistics and data. The information will answer the question, "What?," and provides the rationale for listening, taking action, or making buying decisions. 
  2. Organize: This part of your brain wants details, preferably arranged in a systematic way (e.g., linear and sequential). It also is concerned with safety, reliability, and history. It looks for answers to the question, "How?"
  3. Personalize: Here, your brain is searching for an emotional connection from the personal who is speaking, or to the person who is listening. The emotional component is a strong motivating factor, and it needs you to answer the question, "Who?"
  4. Strategize: The fourth quadrant looks for the big picture, a vision of the future. It likes to set long-term goals and explore possibilities. It searches for an answer to the question, "Why?"
sourced from http://www.standupstandoutinc.com/whole-brain-thinking-assessment.html

When creating a team it is important to look at the ways people think, which ones prefer dialogue and which ones prefer discussion. Often we need to operate in different zones at different times. When initiating change in schools or working as a team people will react according to the quadrant they operate best in.
An Analytic will ask "Where does this idea come from?"
An Organiser will ask "How will I organise resources and planning?"
A Strategic Person will ask "What is the big picture of this change?"
A People Person will ask "How will my team feel about this?"

To create your team check out this information for some great advice and tips http://www.standupstandoutinc.com/team-think.html

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