Sunday, 20 November 2016

What's maths got to do with it?

Is Numeracy Project really doing its job for us?

Current New Zealand research and results is showing evidence of students not achieving to their best ability.

Is it the Numeracy Project, our pedagogy or content knowledge that needs addressing?

How can we give the teachers more resources to select from and what are the foundation skills our teachers must be addressed?

Are we aligning in our practices across the school?

Prime Maths - could it be an alternative?

Dr Lester Flockton thinks so. He is currently doing research in Christchurch schools which is published on Scholastic website.

I was most concerned about how teachers implement when produced with a text book for every child. However, text books are designed for conversations between two children and teacher.

The lesson format is no different from Numeracy;
- concrete using concrete materials
- pictorial concepts are modeled by pictures representing concrete objects previously used
- abstract using only numbers, symbols, and mental thinking

Planning formats are all done. It includes resources and page numbers for the teacher. Available digitally.
Lestor Flockton has aligned to each curriculum level, ICAN, JAM and Gloss testing.

My next steps;
Shared understanding of what is effective teaching looks like
Criteria of what is needed to raise student achievement
Understanding what teachers know about progressions and content knowledge.
What would support them more?

While these are my next steps,  the move away from Numeracy project, I believe is up to the interpretation of pedagogy and knowing your students, progressions and how students learn.

I guess for me it's finding the way teachers learn best in a curriculum area that may or may not be a comfort zone.

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