Thursday, 2 June 2016

What does it mean to be gifted?

They are a role model for other students 
- all students need challenges They are not seen as a role model by other kids

All children are gifted aren't they? 

Acceleration can be socially harmful to gifted students
- its about people finding their place - all children's education is important

If I'm so smart - why can't I keep learning? I don't try anymore. 

Some ideas....

  • Advanced placement classes are for children who want to work hard and explore their own passion. 
  • Work with mentor with opportunities to explore own research
  • Begin by believing in the students abilities

Brain research tells us a lot. 

Gifted = potential 
Talented = outward expression of gifted  

The catalysts enables the gift to develop into a talent. You could have the knowledge but not the ability to do something with it. Being innovative is using your gift as a talent. 

We get funding for seeking inabilities but not for seeking abilities!

There are levels of gifted! 

What is twice exceptional?

Everyone knows in the school what I can't do but no one knows what I can do!

  • A disability can mask a gift
  • A gift can mask a disability
Social emotional needs may also go undetected. 

Next Steps - I will be looking at my students very differently. Thank you Helen and Nicky for your superb presentation to plant the seed and helping us to grow. Gifted and Talented Slideshow

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