Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What has emotional Intelliegence got to do with it??

Every decision we make in a day is based on emotions or gut feelings. We need to understand these. Our motivations, fears, limitations and strengths and to be in touch with these when working with others and different perspectives. Relevant in our globally connected world.
Emotional Intelligence is the ability to
Self - Understand, manage and express yourself and be proud of who you are
Social - dev maintain social relationships and give back to a learning community with an awareness of perspectives and diveristy in beliefs making them who they are.
think logically and flexibility to problem solve, think positively and creatively

My aim is to help students realise their full potential and to enable teachers to allow these skills to be developed within classroom practice every day.

Research is suggesting that with awareness of EI and developing the areas of application in EI will result in increased success and achievement outcomes.

The Mood Meter!!

What if this was our learning spaces instead of quiet space for literacy learning we had blue space for thinking, reflecting and editing our work?
Instead of number space we had red space where we challenge ideas, use competition, and debate our thinking. Instead of science lab, art attack we had yellow space creative thinking and new ideas, brainstorming and problem solving. Creating success for all through recognises that all emotions matter.
A simple way to maximise collaboration, recognise and work with our emotions, engaging the thinking process, and exploring new ways of learning.

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