Thursday, 4 June 2015

How do we engage the community in the change process?

Thanks to the amazing Cheryl Doig for her words of wisdom. for great ideas shared collaboratively

Parent lenses - of what our role as leaders within the school are
our expectations are mirrored within our school

Who needs to change most - parents or teachers?
  • both
What we have in common...
  • passionate about the cause
  • believe in what we are doing
  • looking through one lens
  • articulate
  • everyone has been through a school system
  • both here for the kids

We need to challenge our own thinking to working with parents
  • negatives about what information we are providing them with
  • listen rather than say our view is right
  • tension is between the past and stretching into the future
  • presenting ourselves in a credible way with clear sense of the why
The Golden Circle
  • The why,made explicit in vision / mission statement mutually agreed upon and owned by school community - the basis of a common sense of purpose. Parents get it from the time the parents walk into the school gate. Is what they are saying matching what I see in the classroom
  • how derived form values and beliefs captured in policy statements

Expect that everyone will have an opinion and they may not be the ones you employ

How might we support parents and whanau through the change process?


Reduce the common causes of variation by improving your processes:
  • Key messaging around why
  • Inconsistencies between teachers
  • Deliberate acts of teaching
  • Don’t change processes for special causes

95% of problems are system problems and that is the role of management

We have to be bridges for parents - by connecting the things they know to the things that work, i.e., discuss the differences between parent workplace than to now and use this to bridge the gap in understanding.

Where is your overton window
  • seek out lone wolves

The balance of parental expectation and professional knowledge?

Design thinking toolbox  - ideo
What are they really saying
  • Inform
  • Consult
  • involve
  • collaborate
  • empower
Be clear what you are asking of them. How much involvement you are actually wanting from them

Lack of message from Ministry to support shift

Steps to successfully implement change for community

do as a cluster process
CPPA takes on role to produce material

Behaviour Over time Graph
  • When should we have teacher only day?

Be a parent whisperer
  • ask your parents to walk through and what does this look like to you as a parent
  • two ears one mouth
  • design thinking - empathy and proptyping
  • what questions will they have
  • know your stuff - elevator speech
  • rhythms of speech - go out and have conversations with pied pipers before they see you
  • go to them to hang out
  • challenge your own assumptions

Wellness strategies for staff

  • keeping them safe
  • we are sometimes the protectors
  • 5.30 internet cut off for staff

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