Thursday, 26 March 2015

How can I use an avatar for Digital Citizenship?

What is an avatar?

An avatar is a comic character you can build  make online to represent yourself in the cyber world. You can make a character to look like your but as a cartoon, or you can build one that you would like to be like a princess, alien or animal. They are lots of fun and simple to make.

Why use an avatar?

Avatars are a great way to introduce protection of your identity while working online.
They help us to understand digital safety, learn about what we should and should not share online about ourselves, discover a way to share with others about our ideas and experiences and keeping safe.

What can we do with an avatar?

Practice reading
record our thinking about a new topic or idea
Ask questions to a quiz that we make up
record my learning journey
Tell a story about their art or project

Offer helpful tips when doing something new
Run a quiz
Provide instructions for a project
Reinforce teaching points independently
Parent weekly communication
Teach digital citizenship

8 Awesome sites for creating different ytpes of avatars

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