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The future is now?!

The Future is Now
Lincoln Events Centre
28 Feb 2014

700 educators within the Christchurch area meeting to hear about future focused teaching and learning. Incredible experience of collaboration, sharing and moving forward as one. These are my notes or words of wisdom from that day.

Greg Whitby
Executive Director of Schools
Passion precision focus
It’s all about improving the learning of each child!
Innovation comes about from planning and structure

Imagining, creating and innovating where the learning leading and the teaching
Schools are not the only place children do learning!
Framework of where we have come from
WE – Learning connect – everyone is now connected,
ME – Learning create – can also publish and create, challenges to publish and share their own work
E – Learning digitise -  took analogue and made it digital, put worksheets online, learnt about what technology can do

Flexible learning spaces

Augmented reality
Robots for aspergers –

Sites to check out creating direct relationships and missing out middle persn
Elance – job brokers
Uber – booking a taxi

How children learn....
Context is critical in framing learning experiences, something we can control
Connections – teacher and student ,student to student, partnerships parents
Metacognition – how we think about learning

3 ways to increase achievement and student empowerment
  1. ·      - knowledge and skill of teacher
  2. ·      - affect content
  3. ·      - alter relationship of student teacher and content

Change one you need to change them all.
Strategic intent for student learning then teachers teaching, teachers learning, leaders learning, system learning
What changes are we making
Collaboration, cooperation . Everyone learning how to be collaborative!

Leadership I know – we learn – opening minds, accepting ideas, making it purposeful, appropriate.

Instructional Leadership
Data Walls - identify the needs visually
Instructional Walks – keeping it in context, everyone is involved in the teaching
Case Management – the whole school is responsible for student achievement
Creates and grows innovative practice

Principal / Teacher  is a ….
Prophet + interpreneur + activator
Knows what was right, good and stood up and shouted loudly and sometimes paid the price for it.  Designer, innovator, + mediate, mitigate,
Facilitator, mentor, event coordinator, logistics manager,

Making Learning Visible
Delany Learning wheel – a learning framework about how people learn,

Modern Learning Environments – Richard Newton St Clair School
Space, Engagement and Agency

How are you using your spaces?
Are they collaborative?
Are they a storage zone?


Colour  has significance / holistic
Where is the learning space?
Is the learning visible?

Boulevard? Learning studios, Learning streets, Learning commons, kitchen space, caves, breakout spaces, outdoor learning,

Glass promotes interdepence, transparency, independence, noise controller, space manager.

Capital investment in design for learning?

Super sized classrooms
Defining informal space

Action Stations sharing
-Evaluating learner through thinking and response
Do my grades reflect my learning?
Do others understand me?
Does this make sense to me? How does this link to stuff I already know.

Innovative Learning Environments – Mary Chamberlain

When the  rate of change outside the organisation is greater than the rate of change inside it, the end is in sight. Jack welch

Visible / Physical learning pathways all over the school
Notice / recognise / respond
How visible are the key competencies / understand them, use them.
How visible is your learning?
Bigger picture as well as small steps

Agency – I’m ready to be assessed what can I do? Numeracy and writing and spelling

Increased collaboration
Everyone’s a teacher here
Peer tutoring
What can you now do that you couldn’t do before? It’s everybody’s responsibility
Future orientated learning - report

Power of three – three teams of three classes
Everything done is around school values including appraisals
Beg of yr – PAT asttle and writing samples then group the children assessment shared with students to set next steps
Google docs and sheets OTJ mid and end Number pre and post highlight if progressed or gone back. Used for OTJ’s

Tanjung Bara International School – template for Becky and Urmi
Pam Hook

24 / 7 Learning - Flipped classrooms
Clarkeville School Chris Panther
You tube - how to make a good tutorial
Teach how to deconstruct a lesson video
Ipad peer tutoring
Iink on blog /

Cheryl Doig – Think Beyond
Good ideas
Visible data walls
Flipped learning for community education – strategic planning for getting community on board
Flipped learning
Journey chch teachers are embarking on and where they are at
Variety of ways srl can be interpreted
Its about the child learning not the child - ?? holistic / barriers to learning
Vision seen in school and classroom environments
How do you connect with education leaders in the world!!!
How might we Celebrate, Avoid, Repeat, Amplify and Begin ?
45 sec change talk
Assessment that is all paper work no purpose not online or available for parents transparency within learning process

Systems talked through with staff and students
Alignment is about structures

Prototype – provides an image of we know, what we are doing but it is evolving and journey over time.
Socially responsible, empowering our students for the future and a world we need to be ready for where technology is evolving what we do and how we do it in our world.

Growth mindset
-       to help with collaboration
-       we can change
-       we can be moving forward
-       it’s a constant journey
Inquiring mindset
-       pushing the boundaries about what our curriculum might look like for future focused education
-       us as learners asking questions rather than finding answers
-       there are multiple answers
-       we are part of a huge collaboration
Outwards mindset
-       reaching out o people outside your place
-       bring in education that is connected to real world
-       look out – bring in

7 principles of learning  - Dumont et al 2007

Learner agency – everyone taking responsibility for ourselves
Can you name two people in this school who believe you will be a success  in life? Believe 100% or go home

Video Booth – record your comments in a box
Ideas go here wall
Aranui Community Campus
Teachers talking to parents
D school

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