Sunday, 5 October 2014

What is bullying?

Some facts discovered at Sticks n Stones Community Event

Bullying is.... 
- imbalance of power

How to not become a victim of a bully

Develop Resilience
- coping skills, problem solving skills, self image, confidence and esteem

Stay connected to adults in their life
- Don't underestimate the part parents need to play in kids life
- Good structured time and activities

Sense of belonging 
- establishing relationships of trust

As Parents What Can we do?
- Be the parent not the friend - have rules and clear expectations when using technology in the home.
- no technology in bedrooms
- use settings to block some things
- Read Netsafe online to learn about parental controls

There are no specific laws regarding cyber bullying!

Age groups greatest affected is 8 - 11 years

Biggest influence to create bullies include
- insecurity about themselves
- popularity
- were bullied at some stage

1 in 5 kids are bullied in New Zealand!

Did you know? 
-  deleted texts can still be recovered
-  photos posted online can remain online for much longer than you think even if you delete them
-  you can check the history of searches of your computer

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