Sunday, 29 September 2013

What are the most significant develops for teachers?

Top 5 most significant digital environment developments

New direction for teacher pedagogies
-Challenging the way we understand learning
-Passive learning vs active engagement
-Knowledge building rather than knowledge gathering
-Redefining what is required learning essential for students to cope in the future both as capable citizens in society and online
-children teaching children
-fostering curiosity and passion for learning
-fluid grouping and transparent planning, goals, and assessment
-team teaching approach that reflects collaboration team work and interacting ideas
-facilitating the exploration of information available
-children understand and own the learning process

Personalising learning
Education is about bringing out the best in people while preparing them for a future that none of us know or can imagine
Our planning, assessment and teaching practises need to reflect this
Teaching will be more about deliberate acts of teaching and quality use of questioning Questions that will
extending ideas
challenging current beliefs
engage a problem solving approach

The school / classroom culture that reflects and values
Every idea is a fractal part of the best idea
Collaboration creates a community of learners
A connected, digital citizen whose attitudes reflect empathy and respect, valuing the need to share and source knowledge from a variety of places globally, nationally and locally.

Knowledge building pedagogy values all ideas
Developing a sense of a reputation that reflects who they are and what is important to them. This is both online and face to face.
Specific teaching reflecting where child is in their learning
Opt in workshops for passion projects and interest learning.
Workshops for specific teaching developing goals and reflecting on prior knowledge

Professional learning communities
An attitude of innovation in the work place to meet our diverse needs and unique potential in our classrooms is almost essential now
Improve effectiveness of pd
Cycle of continuous learning appropriate and relevant to you
Potential to clarify thinking, gain support from like-minded people, generate new thinking, Sustain improvement of an idea over time.
Opens doors to network with other like-minded professionals, locally, nationally and globally
Teaching as Inquiry Ariki
Collaborate, share knowledge - blog, tweet Facebook, build knowledge with specialists, leading educators, mentors, other schools that are making a difference. Adapting best practices from around the world and adapting it to suit our needs.
Become a lurker – core ed, simon breakspear, jaqui sharp, hey millie, allanah king, Edtalks, Tedtalks, You tube.
Online professional development – vln, Facebook (emerging leaders, e central leaders)
Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Flexible learning environments
Recognising students learn in different ways at different times.
Digital technologies provide anytime anywhere learning not just the classroom
Invite opportunities for children to share, engage and inspire each other
Range of devices that allow learning to become mobile, integrated and collaborative
We have access to global knowledge and collaboration let’s use it
Variety of seating options
No teacher desk – teachers are modelling the engagement of learning interacting and questioning rather than providing the knowledge at the front of the room. Increases collaboration between teachers
Goes hand in hand with 21st century pedagogy

Cloud technology - Online data management
A structure like this you get to know your students well.
Provides instant access - not a minute wasted waiting for access to a resource, teacher time, lack of direction and ownership of learning
Impacts students getting access to resources and expertise
Access to learning 24 / 7
To cater for just in time learning and creating a team of learners you need to communicate between students, teachers and parents
Student achievement data
Students provide evidence of their understanding of their goals then set new ones
Provide 24 7 access to their learning, resources to consolidate new learning, a portal for sharing learning, inviting feedback and feedforward, invite collaboration between children globally,
Redefining what is important valid and informative data
Structuring this online for access by any teacher, student, parent
Keep up with changes, monitor progress and learning overtime, enabling 1-1 computing, reduce waste and photocopying and expensive stationery.
Collaborative planning online
Meetings from all parts of the country
Work is seen and supported by colleagues
Everyone’s responsibility for that child’s achievement and success not just one teacher.

Top 5 key words

Watch out for
Social media
Games based learning

Virtual classrooms

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