Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Where do I start setting up learning spaces?

2013 is a year of adventure for 3 junior classes in our pod. Capturing the essence of what 21st century learning is all about, we are investigating how far we can push the boundaries for teaching and learning to embrace personalised, online, and collaborative learning.

Step 1 has definitely been maximising our learning spaces. We are lucky enough to have brand new facilities that allow us to think outside the box in terms of creating an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Things we wanted to enhance
- emphasise the individual and how they learn
- involve more social interaction
- be interactive
- ignite ideas and investigations
- be inviting and engaging

Seven guided questions to set up learning spaces - must see!!

Steve Wheeler talks about creative learning spaces with metaphors that contextualise learning.

Talks about how learning makes sense for the children when it is in context and relevant to them.

Awesome blog that embraces student voice for the development of their learning spaces

I investigated some images that showed examples of learning spaces.

Factors to now consider
- furniture
- existing physical space
- space for specific teaching
- space for community discussions
- sharing space
- student voice included
- rooms within rooms
- technologies - IWB, phonak speaker sound systems
- child centred not teacher owned
- variety of seating - tables, beanbags, floor space, discovery tubs, interactive displays
- cultural integration

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