Thursday, 3 January 2013

What if kids taught kids globally?

At the end of 2012 my class reflected on why we have our own TV station. It was interesting that they should commented on the fact they believe they are teaching other kids about their learning and how to learn. Remembering these are all five years old I was pretty blown away by this.
I investigated further about the possibility to connect with other schools around the world creating authentic learning and teaching contexts globally. There are many ways you can connect with other children in their classrooms. Click on the pictures to take you places you may never have thought of before.


There are some very exciting connections being made across the globe!

ePals - where learners connect globally

EPals is amazing. It covers many countries and is truly child centred. There is even a forum where the students can ask each other questions to support heir learning and understanding.

I really wanted a bit more of a personal approach to a school in a developing country so I investigated even further.
Unesco aims to explore mobile learning as a unique and significant contribution to achieving the Education for All goals of increasing education access, quality and equality. 

Imagine connecting with children on their mobile devices around the world in developing countries - the possibilities are endless and very exciting. 
Check out the future of education in the most remote parts of the globe.

Would sincerely love to hear about your connections with classrooms around the world pulling down the walls in our classrooms.

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