Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How do I complete a successful Assistive Technology Application?

The process to access technology for our priority learners we need to be accurate in what we do and the information we provide. This is valuable bits of information from our lead specialist OT Lyanne to help us getting it right.

Application goes to a district panel to discuss needs of student. After that goes through regional process. Therefore applications need to be accurate.

Peer Review process is only required if you have not had 2 successful applications go through the process.

Eligibility Section

- RTLB students are eligible must be receiving 2.5 hours ind A time for 4 hours with TA small group time or SENCO support.
enrolled in a regular school or home schooled
have specific learning need
limited access to the curriculum using standard classroom technology
be supported by one of the following Ministry or school initiatives:
- Ongoing Resourcing Scheme
- Speech-Language Service
- Severe Behaviour Initiative
- Resource Teachers; Learning and Behaviour
-Service for students with moderate sensory impairments and physical disabilities
-School High Health Needs Fund
-Special Education Grant (SEG) - must have

BYOD compulsory schools - ministry will fund over and above the school specifications. ie: mouse, adaptive keyboard etc

Student, Environment, Task SET framework) must be followed to get applications through.  

  • They don't need a lot information on student. 
  • What can't they do, and why they cannot access the curriculum. 
  • 8 lines not screeds
  • Do not need to submit the IEP anymore 
  • Key IEP goals for assistive tech - Consider how are you going to measure it will work for the trial? 
  • Must consider transitions to next school and included into transition planning. 

Recognised Apps - clicker, book creator, handwriting without tears, read and write, anything around written communication. Maths apps are also considered.

Fill in first seven questions of application - share with Lyanne and she will implement a trial ipad then you can complete the application.

Work samples should just be photos inserted into the application forms.

Quoting - DTSL is very fast. Noel Leeming, Cyclone, are govt suppliers.

Must have parent / caregiver information filled in. They must also be on the assessment team.

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