Monday, 16 May 2016

What is collaboration all about?

Collaboration or Cooperation?

These are great on their own but put them together and make something magical.

Collaboration - Common goal, vision, direction
Cooperation - doing the tasks and bringing them together

How do we prevent children getting lost in collaborative learning spaces?

Collaboration should be driven by what is bet for the children evidence, not by personal beliefs about what is best for them. 

Learning space - things for consideration
Passive space where you can sit and do nothing outside.
Teaching whare
Think tank for students
Buddy Learning Space
Learning Portal - hallway

Language is important when setting up these spaces
- responsibly
- learning mummer to allow thinking to occur
- observation seat - 'floating river' ako students could sit and listen to learning conversations

Spaces are revisited all the time with students. Create an environment squad to reflect. Use our values to reflect on this. Squads or leadership roles aligning with school values.

Learning Logs
Staedlter - will make books to meet your needs.
One book for learning. Colourhide.

Developing a collaborative culture 
-we are all learners
-our vision drives us
- teaching as Inquiry
- use strengths of our teachers

Our Teams
Through recruitment values and expectations are shared - How do we create our teams?
Thinking about time to build relationships,
Crucial conversations about what will make it work?
How do you value diversity?
How do we share our cultural narrative?
Purpose of vision - direction and common purpose is our tamariki.
Develop this with teams together

Induction programme 
- formal welcome onto school
- for teachers two weeks before starting transitioning into schools
- for new families and students

Grid on what we want to achieve as a team;
Communication, Administration, Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Relationships

CORE Bundlr

Collaborative Planning Templates

What Google learned about creating the perfect team.

How do we manage and monitor learning conversations?

Use our values to decide on how we display data and visual pathways.

Using Aurasma - embed video into ipad to have visual representation of what learners do or what success looks like.

Using google forms to collect anecdotal information based around three questions.

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