Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Leading Literacy - to effect change and address needs.

Ko te Tamaiti te pūtake o te Kaupapa

The child is the heart of the matter 

What will we be looking at;
leading as inquiry
examining current research
instructional strategies which support acceleration 
responsive to diversity
leading school processes

Strategy for sharing ideas
Write three ideas on a post it then move to do;
3 mins - sharing each,
2 mins - sharing each, 
1 mins  - sharing each

could be 1 min, 2 min, 3 min
can apply design thinking 

build on ideas and understandings - co-constructing knowledge 
specific message - no 
post its cater for visual learners

Key influences impacting education 

  • responsive curr
  • inclusiveness
  • global citizenship
  • success for every child
  • our understanding of acceleration
  • student agency
  • literacy expertise - what literacy is valued
  • adaptive expertise 0 teacher agency, collaboration, prof dialogue
  • family and whanau
  • technology advancement

Have you ever asked why students are working on these goals? 

Who are the heroes for our tamariki? 

Reflecting on our school 

Understanding literacy accuracy - development overtime 
What does it look like for all our teachers. 

Alma Harris 2015 - design consultant for education 

Context and culture matter 
What does this mean for us in our own school. Developing a shape and picture of our school to someone else's.

The National Education Goals 

OECD - new approach needed to deliver technology potentials for school 

'In 2012, 96% of 15-year-old students in OECD countries reported having a computer at home, but only 72% reported using one at school. Overall, students who use computers moderately at school tend to have somewhat better learning outcomes than students who use computers rarely. But students who use computers very frequently at school do much worse, even after accounting for social background and student demographics.'

Context for teaching needs to be responsive and engaging 
"you need to know me to understand me"

The final word strategy 
- underline one phrase that really sits with you. 
- 2 mins to tell people why you think this is important
- 1 person in the group takes 1 min to expand on your ideas
- 1st person gets the final word. 

Without evidence you are just another person with an opinion

What is our philosophy in literacy as a school?

What is literacy? Do you have a shared understanding of what literacy is? 

Must have resource!

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