Monday, 3 August 2015

How do I gain a work life balance?

Work Life Balance 

The World of a Teacher

  • Teachers work long hours 
  • technology induced stress, 
  • consumerism, 
  • dual careers (parenthood and teaching), 
  • changing family structures social work, meeting emotional needs of children in our class, high expectations
  • changing learning environment, change is constant and inevitable 

What is your cut off point?
When is it time to shut the lid?

Remove triggers - 
technology, home,

learn to laugh a lot, find the joy in life

mind dump

letting go of the guilt
find the chop off

Make a decision about how you are going to manage that
Its all about choices
We have to train ourselves to switch off.

Look after yourself - exercise, diet, me time, positive self talk, learn to laugh
Deal with your emotions - acknowledge them, express them, seek help when you need it.
Clarify your expectations - establish work boundaries and be realistic
manage your time - timetables, schedules, do it now attitude
Improve yourself - seek prof dev, keep life goals
Separate home and work life - discipline, perspective, find times to wind down or into work
Build a support Network - positive people, friendships,
Perspective - work is part of your life not all of it.

Re prioritise to a level that works for me
It's different for everyone
Make a list - makes you feel better just by crossing things off. You are achieving something

Time poverty - be in the moment instead of planning ahead wishing time away when life is so short

Evaluate your own life values
- whats important to you?
-  your principles or standards of behaviour
-  the foundation of who we are and what we stand for

Our Life Roles
changing as we move through life
single - married - parents - grandparents
How many roles do I have?

Which are the most important for you? This will be different for everybody. 

How many hats do you wear? How many have you worn this week? 

  • employee
  • cook
  • spouse / lover
  • parent
  • teacher
  • friend
  • neighbour
  • DIYer
  • daughter - begins at birth til very late in life
  • homemaker - not limited to women
  • counsellor
  • citizen - international, digital, community

Donald Supers Life Career Rainbow 
Developed in 1960's
The word worker can take many different forms

Times have changed so much from this, however great to reflect and consider. 

Stress and work life balance

Can you alter it?
Can you avoid it?
Can you accept it?

Helps you maintain control of the things in your life. 

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stephenn richardsonn said...

Work life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between "work" (career and ambition) and "lifestyle".