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How do I become a better PRT Mentor?

Introduction to PRT and Mentoring 
University of Canterbury
2 March 2015

Joan Turner - Coordinator for PRT and Mentors throughout NZ

Success is not the work of one but the work of many

Teacher Council

The Council may ask to see copies of the evidence of engaging with and meeting all of the Registered Teacher Criteria, but will not do so as a matter of course. The Council will only request this information when it can provide a reason for doing so.

PRT's have 6 years to complete their registration induction process

Always date:
evidence of informed reflection developing prof relationships
evidence of engagement in, reflection of prof learning and development opportunities

Induction and mentoring program blocks of 6 weeks or more
PRT needs name and reg of mentor teacher


School applies for funding for teacher induction and mentoring program


1     Name the requirements for PRTs  to move to full  registration
·      Be employed in a teaching position of 0.5 FTE for at least 2 years in the last 5 &
·      Complete an appropriate Induction & Mentoring programme which has –
1)Been supervised by a mentor who is fully registered AND
2)  been of at least 2 years duration AND
3) been in NZ  general education system (or approved setting)  AND
4) provided a broad range of teaching experiences AND
5) been in line with NZTC Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring
·      Meet the Registered Teacher Criteria
1)   been appraised by professional leader who most recently employed them in a teaching position for a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks AND
2)   the 6 week period of teaching has been completed within the last 6 months AND
3)   their professional leader can attest that the teacher has provided evidence of meeting all the RTC
·      Recent teaching experience
1)   2 years of teaching service within the last 5 years
Page 30 & 31 NZTC Registration Policy  (pages 8 & 9 of compiled doc)

2      How long does a PRT have to move to full registration?
“3. The Council expects teachers to be provisionally registered for a minimum of 2 years (the maximum time a teacher can be provisionally registered is  6 years)   and then be ready to be recommended by their professional leader and mentor for full registration”
page 15 Registration Policy   (p3 compiled doc)
“11. PRTs are expected to gain full registration within 3 years. However the council recognises that, for valid reasons, this is not always possible.
page 19 Registration Policy – Expectations   (p4 compiled doc)

3      What reasons would the Council consider to extend the amount of time for a PRT to gain full registration?
“11…. The Council considers that valid reasons would include:
-       not yet being able to demonstrate that they meet all the RTC, but being in circumstances where the professional leader can provide his or her assurance that
-       satisfactory progress towards meeting all the RTC is being made, and
-       there will be continuing support for the teacher in order for them to be able to demonstrate that they do meet all the RTC within the next 3 years; or
-       the teacher being absent on parental leave; or
-       ill health (of the teacher or a close relative) that prevents a teacher from working; or
-       the teacher living overseas; or
-       the teacher being unable to secure a 0.5 FTE teaching position; or
-       the teacher being employed in a setting where it is not possible for the teacher to participate in a 2 year, broad based I & M programme while being mentored by a fully registered teacher. (no one around to support them)
page 19 Registration Policy – Expectations   (p4 compiled doc)

4      Making Use of Professional Development time-
Time should be available to support the professional development of newly qualified teachers…. It is important that this time is  regularly timetabled and available to you. While meetings with other PRTs are helpful , you are also entitled to personalised guidance and support tailored to your own needs.”
Name 4 activities which are  worthwhile use of professional time
·      Observing other teachers & learners in another learning centre
·      Discussions with other teacher,s such as guidance councillors, senior staff, or with advisers or specialist education services.
·      Becoming familiar with the library, teaching resources & records of the learning centre
·      Finding out about the practices & procedures of the  learning centre
·      Studying professional  material, analysing your own professional needs & development ,& planning for better teaching
·      Going to  courses & meetings that release from your teaching duties
·      For each of these opportunities reflecting on the activity & applying it to your work as a teacher, & for your learners.
                        Mentoring entitlements for PRTs  (p 11 complied doc) 
 Tailored to meet the needs of the prt - some things stable but other parts different - addressing goals
Use of time is allocated to schools. 
Getting to know resources, systems, planning expectations, 
Doing what makes sense for your PRT's 

5      “During their induction into the teaching profession ,they will be required to document both the process of  I & M over at least 2 years and maintain a folio of evidence that will enable their mentor teacher & professional leader to confirm to the Council that the teacher has met all the RTC” “ (p28 Registration Policy ).

What  (dated) documents should you gather ?
·      Evidence informed reflection completed by the teacher on their developing professional relationships, values and knowledge informed practice (framed by the RTC) and linking reflection to evidence of student achievement. (blog, meeting minutes )
·      Teaching observations (shared google doc that mentor does)
·       Meetings to set goals , follow up on goals previously set , review teaching observations completed by their mentor & regularly evaluate the structure and content of the I & M programme (1-1, weekly meetings)
·      written formative and summative feedback provided to the teacher by their  mentor on progress towards meeting the RTC (1-1 about progress towards meeting RTC, meeting minutes, blog)
·      evidence of engagement in, and reflection on  professional development activities (blog, prt minutes)
             Registration Policy – requirements p28 ( p6 compiled doc)
See also FAQ (p16 compiled doc) How much documentations do I need to keep?

6. Although induction and mentoring programmes may look different from setting to setting (to meet individual needs of PRTs) there are essential components of a high quality I & M programme.

Induction and mentoring programmes should:
  • ·      Be tailored to individual needs & agreed with the PRT, mentor teacher and professional leader
  • ·      Include regular observations of teaching practice & opportunities to observe other colleagues including of the mentor teacher
  • ·      Have time for “learning conversations” where the mentor provides feedback & facilitates critical reflection by the teacher on their practice
  • ·      Be part of wider professional development & learning available to all staff
  • ·      Include access to external networks and professional development opportunities
  • ·      Provide opportunities to collect evidence of progress towards meeting the registration standards in the Registered Teacher Criteria  (RTC)
  • ·      Be resourced appropriately to meet the contractual obligations of the employer
  • ·      Have formal written records documenting professional discussions, observations and feedback, critical reflections on data by the PRT and any other professional development.
  • Induction & Mentoring – essential components (p13 compiled doc ) 
Gathering evidence
its not over and above what you are doing!
-range of perspectives - students, whanau, team, mentors and reflections
- range of sources - planning, student work, photos, observations, assessments, videos, meeting minutes
 - systems to capture student voice?? - written reflections of action stations, videos of learning at Merrin. Only if your going to use the information
What could I do to help learning for you? - survey monkeys
student reflections at action stations and KC's from beg of week

One PRT's experience
link to teacher as inquiry
On RTC - add link to where to find evidence
Teachers Council don't want boxes of stuff, don't need hard copies of everything
1-1 meeting with mentor - What have I done so far that has made a difference? Link to Inquiry model.
Worrying things for Council- bad ERO report saying no support, teacher has had lots of breaks, appraisal not linked to RTC
When they are asking for more stuff they will specify what they want aligning with expectations.

Culturally Inclusive Teaching

  • be a learner alongside learners
  • sometimes getting an expert
  • knowing having awareness
  • knowing cultural protocols
  • ako everyone is the teacher valuing student voice
  • manaakitanga - 

Next Steps: 
- learning conversations - PLG set up for PRT's 
- Check out this resource - Tataiko as whole school resource

Kahikitia - accelrating success 2013 - 2017

- staff appraisals 1-1 meeting re meeting criteria
-  systems to capture student voice?? - is this formalised? written reflections of action stations, videos of learning at Merrin. Only if your going to use the information
- What could I do to help learning for you? - survey monkeys
-overview of induction and Mentoring Prog
-upcoming PD requests formatted onto overview??
- whole school staff pd on ways to meet teacher criteria and blogs

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