Saturday, 7 September 2013

How can I manage my literacy and maths games on my blog?

Every year we look at updating our online games for our students to consolidate learning.

This year a collaborative team effort, collated all of our best games for teaching and learning numeracy at an Upper Clutha Cluster workshop.

We all worked in our levels of teaching and added links to a symballoo. This displayed the childrens access to games in an organised and attractive way. Each teacher who worked on the symballoo received the embedding code to put on their blog. Now we all have the best games that we all use and the kids have choice!
Check out symballoo for organizing your resources for teaching.

I'm beginning one for listening and speaking activities so that it will grow over time as a resource to pull from for teaching a specific skill. It could be used in many ways. Let us know your ideas.

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