Sunday, 14 April 2013

What is the future of schools?

Mark Osbourne core education keynote speaker at Learning Roadshow

Teachers who canbe replaced by a machine should be! mark Osbourne ignites our thinking about the big picture for futurre of learning in schools. What is expendable, what is essential, in our  teaching. 

Reasons for Change
Ageing diverse workforce
Continued globalisation the ability to work with a wider range of people. Work is now mobile and global. Jobs are disappearing overseas
Speed of technological change - increasing our skill base uh the work force
Climate change and resource pressure - doing more with less

Learning Spaces
Movable walls within the learning environment
Reflective space
Rooms within rooms to complete different types of learning
Pathways to navigate between spaces
To allow kids to feel like a part off community
Window seats to bring nature into the classroom
Collaborative work spaces or quite reflective spaces
Experiential learning by bringing nature into the classroom
Holes inside the tables - a cool way to get kids to work collaboratively
Cubbies to work in

How do we make it happen for us?
Student access to teacher experts - collaborative teaching
Access also to student strengths to support each other.
Remove walls to restrict access to space not used effectively - cloak bay
Share learning spaces that meet student needs
Bookshelves to create little  cubbies with desks for quite space
latest research reveals children spend 9 hours a day sitting! Provides table to stand at.
Make use of outdoor spaces
Learners for working on the floor

Aiming for confident connected and happy life long learners

It takes a village to raise a chld.

our pedagogy
-BYOD creates access to good quality learning wherever that is
-  check out wikitude world browser
- MOOC massively open online course FREE socially constructing knowledge
Take part in a course anytime you like University making content of uni lectures free online.

- children having the control over their own learning
- requires a sense they are capable to make a change in their world
- gives students the tools to access and explore to enhance their won learning.
- Blender 2.65 build 3D images for film etc use you tube tutorials to learn how to use it
-put these skills into unity to make game
-Gimp instead of photoshop FREE

Play explore and use their strengths -google 20
Impact projects -passion projects
Break through days -  Stonsfields  school
use voice thread to share their learning rather than the complexity of the written words
You tube capture to remove written assessments

-connecting people VLN, LEARNZ, FABLAB

Thanks Mark Osbourne - inspirational

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