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What do theorist's and computers have in common?

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Jones, A., & Mercer, N. (1993). Theories of learning and Information Technology. In P. Scrimshaw (Eds.)CT. In M. Leask & N. Pachler (Ed.), Language, classrooms, and computers (pp. 11- 26). London, England: Routledge. 

What is the relationship between theory of learning and educational software?

There are many types of computer software available for education. The one you use in your classroom may not reflect your philosophy in your classroom.

BF Skinner
- focuses on behavior and its modifications
- doesn't account for mental processes which occur in learning
- looks solely at isolated events 
- thinking is not directly observable so cannot be a part of this theory
- learning is more effective if the environment is carefully controlled
-teaching material should be organised to maximize the probability of a correct response

Behaviorist ideas can be found behind many programs with emphasis on relationship between stimuli and response. 

Papert, Piaget
- ideas about structuring knowledge
- emphasis is not on behaviour or response to a situation but on the students underlying understanding
- children learn by relating new experiences to existing ones

Socio - cultural theory
- emphasizes social aspects of cognition
- recognises the importance of language for cognitive development
- language enables children to think in new ways
- language is seen as a cognitive tool
- children solving practical tasks require eyes, hands but also speech
- the teacher is seen as an active, communicative participant in the learning process
- language has 2 cognitive functions - is a unique quality to human thought, and provides the medium for teaching and learning.

Computers in the classroom require theory on teaching and learning.
Different theoretical approaches to learning have different and distinct implications in software design, the way classroom activities are organised and computer based learning is evaluated. 

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