Sunday, 10 March 2013

How do we achieve 1-1 device in classes?

How many times do you hear "There's not enough laptops, networks, iPads, to go around the class" ? have you ever heard this as an excuse for not using technology? Sad, I know.
I wonder what the classroom would look like with one device per student. Would it still be everyone sitting at their desk in rows doing one thing simultaneously  as the teacher instructed the students through a sequence of steps? Could it be children plonked anywhere and everywhere  within a learning space doing their own thing? How do the students manage their learning goals? How do teachers keep in touch with what their students are doing online?

One of the most powerful projects I have ever seen is the Manaiakalani Project.

A very brave few created a project through action research to create the impossible for so many children. A very inspirational story.

We should always be thankful for what we have or find ways to be lateral thinkers in times of challenge. This project has inspired many and is an amazing model for all to follow, explore or investigate further.

No more excuses for not integrating technology into those classrooms!

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