Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How could we globally connect with a different culture?

I have travelled over many Asian countries, experiencing a vast array of diversity from the culture I am embedded in at home. There are many sights that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Many beautiful, inspirational and heart warming, however many have left me realising how fortunate we are in New Zealand - but even more so in Wanaka.

On reflection I don't believe I really understood my own place of belonging or sense of where my beliefs, values, and my own culture originate from until my experiences overseas. I now seem have more curiosity and respect for my ancestry and their experiences.  I have a thirst to experience many other cultures. It has definitely supported my respect for different perspectives and to understand people and their sense of place in the world.

I wondered if it could be possible to bring this kind of global learning of culture into the classroom in a personal and collaborative way. To connect with a classroom that would support children to develop an understanding of challenges and diversity that is happening outside our classroom walls. Children learning from children. Children sharing their life experiences, beliefs and traditions that are so different from our own. A global interaction that will challenge thinking, invite curiosity, provoke a different kind of understanding. 

My internet search began. Twitter came to the rescue! I discovered Open World and Govinda from SAV school in Nepal. 

Read about the open world cause leaders here: http://www.openworldcause.com/about-us/cause-leaders/
Read about Govinda's story here:  http://www.openworldcause.com/about-us/story-of-the-sav-school/

Govinda is very open to new ideas, connecting classrooms and providing new opportunities for both his children as well as ours. I am humbled by the challenges Govinda and SAV School endure everyday. 

We are in the midst of beginning a new friendship across the globe between two worlds that couldn't be further apart. Please support the cause of Open World and check out the amazing school in Nepal that is opening doors for classrooms around the world. 

Openworld Cause Website:   http://www.openworldcause.com/

Wiki:   http://worldnepal.wikispaces.com/SAV+School

Blog:  http://savschool.wordpress.com/2008/08/30/welcome/

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