Monday, 12 November 2012

What's the difference between Management and Leadership?

Are we completely clear of the roles of management and how it affects the effectiveness of the school. What is the difference between management and leadership and what effect that has on the future focus of a school?
Managerial leadership is focused on managing existing activities successfully rather than visioning a better future for the school. Managing is maintaining efficiently and effectively current organisational arrangements. While managing well often exhibits leadership skills, the overall function is toward maintenance rather than change.

Leaders are people who shape the goals, motivations, and actions of others. Frequently they initiate change to reach existing and new goals …Leadership … takes … much ingenuity, energy and skill.  If teachers do not ‘own’ innovations but are simply required to implement externally imposed changes, they are likely to do so without enthusiasm, leading to possible failure (Bush 2003: 46).

Outstanding leadership has invariably emerged as a key characteristic of outstanding schools. There can no longer be doubt that those seeking quality in education must ensure its presence and that the development of potential leaders must be given high priority.

Qualities leaders posess:
Accurate self-assessment; being aware of strengths and limitations
•Self-confidence; belief in one’s own ability
•Self-management; ability to keep emotions in check
•Empathy; ability to sense others’ feelings and concerns
•Partnering; ability to work collaboratively with others
•Pattern recognition; ability to identify patterns of behaviour
•Developing others; help others to develop their capabilities

An emerging view of leadership

The traditional view
  An emerging view
Leadership resides in individuals
Leadership is a property of social systems
Leadership is hierarchically based and linked to office
Leadership can occur anywhere
Leadership occurs when leaders do things
Leadership is a complex process of mutual to followers influence
Leadership is different from and more important than management
The leadership/management distinction is
Leaders are different
Anyone can be a leader
Leaders make a crucial difference to organizational performance
Leadership is one of many factors that may influence organizational performance
Effective leadership is generalisable
The context of leadership is caring for an individual without taking ownership.

Excellent Readings that this information was extracted from.  

Simpkins, Tim. Leadership in Education What works or What makes sense?

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