Thursday, 18 October 2012

How do I create a 'You Tube' TV Channel?

Awesome fun putting all of your movies online and keeping them all in the one place in your own channel. We use it in our new entrant class for developing oral language and making lessons for other kids to learn from.

Step 1
Google You tube
Step 2
click on You tube Broadcast Yourself
Step 3
click on Sign In
Step 3
Click on - New to You Tube, Create an account
Step 4
Fill in details and accept terms of use.

You will need to create a gmail account if you don't have on already.

Click here to see what your channel could look like.

Check out this you tube clip that will support you in taking the steps needed to create your you tube account.
There are other videos named at the end of this clip to support you in your new ventures on you tube. Enjoy! 

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